рассказ на английском ящыке по немногу про 7 чудес света — Школьные

рассказ на английском ящыке по немногу про 7 чудес света - Школьные Реферат

7 чудес света презентация к уроку по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

К учебнику 10 класса биболетова

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Материал представляет собой наглядную презентацию расположения семи чудес света.

СЕМЬ ЧУДЕС СВЕТА, (лат. septemmiraculamundi) — самые знаменитые памятники древнего мира — египетские пирамиды в Эль-Гизе, Висячие сады Семир.

Материал представляет собой методическую разработку для проведения обобщающего урока МХК по теме «Семь чудес света: вариации прекрасного» в 7 классе гуманитарного профиля.

Игра-путешествие по семи чудесам света.

Материал для урока ИЗО или внеклассного занятия. В работе использованы две презентации, которые можно применять отдельно. Одна представляет наглядно объекты, другая несет информацию.

Цель:- Развитие культурного и эстетического интереса у учащихся, расширение их представлений о культуре Древнего Мира. — Создание атмосферы «Путешествие по чудесам света».Задачи: — Раз.

Методическая разработка урока истории в 5 классе.


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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Урок -презентация

The map of the Seven Wonders

Помогите написать сочинение на английском на тему про 1 из 7 чудо света.описать его,где — школьные

There are many
different wonders in the world, but most well-known among them are Seven
Wonders of antiquity. My favorite Wonder is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or, as
they are also called, the Hanging Gardens of Semiramida. This wonder is the most mystical
one, because no one knows if it ever existed. This is because no evidence has
been found about exact location of these gardens in Babylon. According to the legend, the Hanging Gardens looked like a huge green mountain, full of trees, shrubs and
beautiful flowers. The legend also tells that the Hanging Gardens were built by the king of Babylon for his queen, who had been born in another country and was
missing its green nature a lot. One of the curious facts is that the queen’s name
wasn’t Semiramida; Semiramida was another queen, who had been living in Babylon
several centuries before. Anyway, still many people call Hanging Gardens of
Babylon in the wrong way the Hanging Gardens of Semiramida. Nowadays a hanging
garden is not wonder at all: many gardens are located on the roofs or special pillars.
Nevertheless, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon remain one of the most beautiful
wonders in history.

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Презентация на английском языке «семь чудес света»

Рассказ на английском ящыке по немногу про 7 чудес света — школьные

WHAT TO DO IN LONDON… 1 WHEN IT’S VERY COLD Go ice skating at Somerset House, Somerset House is a beautiful 18th century building on the river Thame

s. In the winter, the area in front of the house is made into an ice-skating rink. There is a skating school, where you can have lessons, and there are also late-night sessions and DJ nights. In November and December there is an enormous Christmas tree, and the café serves special Christmas food 2 WHEN IT’S RAINING Go to South Kensington, and visit three wonderful museums. You can walk from one to the other because they are all very near. The Science Museum is very popular with adults and children, and also the Natural History Museum, which has life-size robotic dinosaurs and other fascinating exhibits. The third museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, is full of art and design from all over the world. It has an amazing collection of fashion from the 17th century to the present day. And if the sun comes out, cross the road into Kensington Gardens, one of London’s many parks, and visit the famous statue of Peter Pan. 3 WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING Go to Hampstead Heath, London’s biggest park. From the top of Parliament Hill, in the south part of the Heath, you can see many of London’s famous monuments, including St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. Have a picnic, and then, if it’s hot, walk to the open-air swimming pool, where you can swim with plants and trees all round you. It is a magical place, and you can’t believe that you are in the middle of a capital city. WHERE CAN YOU…? 1_ Learn to do something new2__ eat outside 3_ have a fantastic view 4_ see beautiful old clothes 5__ do some exercise 6 _have fun after 9 pm 7_see some animals that don’t exist today 8 _see a famous character from a book​

Look at the highlighted words or phrases in the text and guess their meaning.do,drink,drive,earn,eat,have(x2),know,live,spend, think,travel,work

; Is this the typical British man? Statistics tell us that the typical British man is 40 years old, 1 lives in a house and is married with two children. He 2_ inore than 40 hours a week and 3 _about £25,000 a year. He 4_ between filty minutes and an hour to and from work every day.He 5_ a Ford car and he 6 _he is a good driver. The typical British man is overweight (he weighs about 82.5 kg) and he7_? less than 30 minutes exercise a week. He usually sleeps about seven hours a night. He is not a great cook, but he 8_ how to make four dishes, including Spaghetti Bolognese. He 9 _ three cups of tea a day and during his life he 10_approximately 35,000 biscuits. The typical British man 11_eight close friends and more than eighty contacts on his mobile phone. He 12_ three TVs, a copy of QUEEN Queen’s Greatest Hits, and at least one of the Harry Potter books. He 13_thirteen hours online every week and forty-five hours a year waiting ‘on hold’ on the phone. ​

Сочинение на английском языке чудеса света/ wonders of the world с переводом на русский язык бесплатно

Сочинение на английском языке Чудеса света/ Wonders of the World с переводом на русский язык бесплатно

Рефераты:  Острый панкреатит

На английском языке. Чудеса света

The ability to delight in the amazing beauty of objects created by nature or by man, admire their uniqueness is inherent in all people. Perhaps that is why since ancient times, they have tried to create lists of so-called Wonders of the World. I read in a scientific encyclopedia that the first such attempt had already been made by a Greek historian Herodotus in the 5th century BC. He included in that list the island Samos, which in those days was the center of culture, as well as the one-kilometer water pipe-line Aqueduct and the Dike located on the island. Further, around the 3rd century BC, scientists created a classic list that included seven Wonders of the World. When I asked my parents what outstanding creations of architecture they could remember from this list, they, of course, immediately called the famous pyramid of Cheops, which became the only «Wonder of the World» preserved to our days. In addition, they mentioned about the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, the Alexandria sea-light, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and other attractions. Since many of the classic World Wonders no longer exist today, in the 2001, the non-profit organization New Open World Corporation (NOWC) announced the decision to reveal the modern Wonders of the World. As a result, the list was expanded twice: it included seven existing man-made and seven natural sites. The man-made sites included such architectural structures, like the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal and others. And the nature, according to NOWC created such unique items as Iguacu Falls, Halong Bay and the island Jeju. I would certainly like to see many Wonders of the World, and especially the pyramids of Giza, which are now also included in this list. I read a lot about them and admire the ancient Egyptians, who erected those grandiose buildings, not virtually having any construction equipment. I hope that someday I will be able to visit Cairo and go sightseeing on the Giza plateau.

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Перевод на русский язык. Wonders of the World
Умение любоваться удивительной красотой объектов, созданных природой или самим человеком, восхищаться их уникальностью свойственно всем людям. Наверно, именно поэтому с давних времен они пытались создать списки так называемых чудес света. В научной энциклопедии я читал, что первым такую попытку сделал еще древнегреческий историк Геродот в V веке до н. э. Он включил в этот перечень остров Самос, являвшийся в те времена центром ионийской культуры, а также километровый водопровод Акведук и Дамбу, находившуюся на этом острове. Далее, примерно в III веке до н. э., ученые создали уже классический список, который включал семь чудес света. Когда я спросил своих родителей о том, какие выдающиеся творения архитектуры они могут вспомнить из этого списка, они, конечно же, сразу назвали знаменитую пирамиду Хеопса, которая стала единственным «чудом света», сохранившимся до наших дней. Кроме того, они упомянули и о Храме Артемиды Эфесской, Александрийском маяке, Галикарнасском мавзолее и других достопримечательностях. Поскольку многие из классических мировых чудес сегодня уже не существуют, то в 2001 году некоммерческая организация New Open World Corporation (NOWC) объявила о решении выявить современные чудеса света. В итоге их список расширился вдвое: в нем появилось семь ныне существующих рукотворных и семь природных объектов. К числу рукотворных были отнесены такие архитектурные сооружения, как Великая Китайская стена, Колизей, Тадж-Махал и другие. А вот природа, по мнению NOWC, создала такие уникальные вещи, как водопады Игуасу, бухту Халонг и остров Чеджу. Мне бы, конечно, хотелось увидеть многие чудеса света, а в особенности пирамиды Гизы, которые теперь также входят в этот список. Я много читал о них и восхищаюсь древними египтянами, сумевшими возвести эти грандиозные сооружения, не имея практически никакой строительной техники. Надеюсь, что когда-нибудь мне удастся посетить Каир и отправиться на экскурсию по плато Гиза.

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